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What is the best free video conversion software out there today? Let’s take a look at these applications which help us watch our favourite videos/movies in the gadget of our choice.

Almost any device today, whether it’s portable or not, can carry and play video. Mobile phones are sometimes gauged on the extra features they bring which include video playback and video recording. iPods and iPhones are not just known for their great music and friendly user interface but also for the clear video they bring.

However, as there are numerous video file types out there today, we often discover that we can’t play a particular video or movie that we like in some of our gadgets. We would need to convert them into playable file types by our gadgets.

That’s why I’ve compiled a list of the best free video converters out there today. You can use these applications to convert almost any known video file into another format that your device or gadget can play. (Be sure to check this page from time to time as we would be regularly updating this page with new video conversion software. You may also subscribe to the RSS feed or email updates – its free!)

1. Super Video Converter

This comes as no surprise as we have been using this software on the site for quite some time now. What’s good about Super is that it can convert almost any video file to another format while laying out all the conversion options on the screen.

It gives you the freedom to indicate the video scale size, ratio, bitrate and other options that you won’t find in other conversion software. It can be downloaded from its official website eight soft or from the guide I’ve already made on how to use Super Video Converter

Super Video Converter

2. MediaCoder

MediaCoder is also highly recommended because it supports various formats and is very fast in converting videos. It looks more complicated to use than Super, but with just a few uses, it’s very easy to use

It’s very flexible in video conversion as you can set the video aspect size, display aspect ratio, pixel aspect ratio, and various other options. I’ve already made a general guide on how to use MediaCoder. The download link is also located there.

3. Format Factory

Format Factory like Super and MediaCoder supports various kinds of video formats. Some say they like Format Factory because it’s easier to use than Super and MediaCoder. However, I think Format Factory’s advantage is that it converts faster than Super does (although MediaCoder is faster), and looks more simple to use than MediaCoder. If for some reason you can’t make Super and MediaCoder work, Format Factory is an excellent alternative.


4. Video Converters from Videora

The converters from Videora are the easiest to use compared from Super and Format Factory. It guides you every step of the way from choosing the video file you want to convert up to the quality of the converted video.

The only downside is that Videora’s converters are not as customizable as Super and Format Factory are. It also needs different converters for different kinds of gadgets. Their most famous (and what I think is their best video converter) is the Videora iPod Converter.

That’s it! Again, be sure to check out this page every once in a while as I’ll be updating this to include (or maybe remove) other video conversion applications or software!


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