phaiser bhs-760 Headphone

For most fitness lovers, finding the right earphones is a major task – they just don’t know where to start. Wired earphones aren’t the answer – the wires can get easily entangled. The search starts with the wireless ones, but that’s just the beginning. You need everything from a good battery life to some good music quality – all at an affordable price.

The Phasier BHS range of earphones seem to offer all that, and more. Today, we will be taking a look at the Buyer’s Guide and Review by Ironhorsetrading on Phasier BHS 760, and why you might be looking to get this one.

Phaiser BHS 760 Review – The BHS 750 Enhanced

Phaiser BHS 760 is the latest offering from Phaiser, the new fast-growing giant in the headphone industry. This pair of earphones is aimed at those who are fed up with wired headphones.

Now one can have a hassle free workout in the Zym and a carefree walk along the road with little worry about the earphones falling off, thanks to Phasier creating a gadget that is both handy and great-looking.

It is also an attractive buy because it is exceptionally sweat-proof. Not only has it amazing audio quality but has also long-lasting battery. Available only in a classic black colour, it may be a bit disappointing for color-loving buyers, but it certainly has other exceptional features where it beats its competitors.

phaiser bhs-760 Design

What makes it a good buy?

The Phasier 760 earphones are a unique magnetic Bluetooth headset that is best-suited for running and working out with a set of comfortable wireless earbuds.

1. Offers a Great COmfortable Fit

The perfect combination of 8.8 mm speakers and Bluetooth 4.1 gives it a superb sound quality with extra powerful bass. The use of best quality transducers and hardware creates exceptional sound quality in calls and music. Listening to music on it is simply an amazing experience. It too has noise isolation that makes the voice from the other side clearly audible.

2. You Can Wear It Around the Neck, On The Go

The one thing that you cannot compromise on when it comes to wireless headphones is its ability to stay put. Nearly all phasier 860 users agree that the earphones never come apart when they have worn it around their neck, and stays strong – something that makes these a stand out.

Additionally, wearing it around the neck is no more troublesome as it does not have tangling wires. Thanks to the elegant magnetic design, the earbuds can be easily stowed around the neck, though, yes, it may take you some time to getting used to them.

3. You Don’t Have to Worry About Sweat

sweat proofIts liquipel nano coating makes it sweatproof during hard workouts. Accidental contact with water is also not to be feared. What is icing on the cake is the lifetime sweatproof warranty offered by Phaiser that makes it worth buying.

The company even offers you a lifetime guarantee, stating that they would replace the earphones for free if you ever find it getting damaged by sweat. It’s a bold claim, and if they really mean the fact that it’s sweatproof, they shouldn’t even have to worry about any claims made in this regard. However, it does tell you that Phasier is serious when it comes to the claims it makes. Compare this with products like the Apple iPhone X, which Apple claims is water resistant up to 1.5 metres but wouldn’t pay you a penny or replace it if your iPhone does get damaged by water, no matter how.

4. Great Battery Life

The Phaiser 760 boasts of extra juice with standby time up to 275 hours and calls up to 6 hours which make it a worthy buy. The use of the newest technology and Bluetooth 4.1 enhances battery life considerably with a single charge lasting a full day.

5. Surprisingly Light

Surprisingly light at just 0.64 ounces, it delights the buyers with its super fast 2 hours battery charge. Moreover, it keeps alerting you to battery level indication so that it can be charged before the juice runs out.

6. Some Great Design and Aesthetics

These earbuds are easily accessible with no fear of their falling off during long running hours and extensive workouts. Their eye-catching design too, catches the attention of many.


  • To enjoy a melodious music we need good music systems and one of them is earphones when we want to enjoy music alone or while traveling.
  • Selecting good earphones is not difficult but we should always know what we are purchasing.
  • The 760 is indeed a product that passes the test of affording exceptional sound quality that makes listening to music an amazing experience.
  • Sweatproof, these earphones have the good build quality and design that make it an attractive option for prospective buyers.
  • People who are always on the move will find this product quite handy – it has a great battery life
  • If you love being out, these earphones are perfect for you.


  • While the sound quality is indeed superb, it is certainly not the best when compared with the headphones of other premium brands like Bose.
  • Being a comparatively new player in the earphones industry, The Phaiser is not as popular a brand with people as Sony or Sennheiser.
  • Battery still runs out fast, a major issue with Lithium Polymer Battery.

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Should You Go For It?

The Phaiser 760 offers latest features at a quite affordable price, whereas big brands in headphone industry offer similar features at a much higher price. You won’t be losing out with this purchase.

The 760 is your choice if you are looking at the 750 model, with just better specifications. However, there are plenty of things to love with this one, really. The Phaiser 760 offering refreshingly comfortable earbuds fitting your ears perfectly. It offers a perfect combination of unique sound quality and high-quality hardware.

The Phaiser 760 is indeed a great buy considering the features it offers, and the lifetime sweatproof warranty takes the cake.