Jogging Headphones

Most people will tell you that they need some music to listen to when they are working out.  Just search iTunes for workout music, and you will find countless play lists and compilations to serve this market.  But the music is only good as the equipment that is producing the sound.

That’s why it’s essential for you to find the best jogging headphones you can.  Nothing is more irritating than having to break your workout to adjust your headphones or earbuds always.  It ruins your momentum and rhythm which creates a less efficient workout.  Another annoyance that I struggle with is uncomfortable earbuds.  I have small ear holes, and a majority of earbuds just kill my ears.  It’s distracting and frankly, makes me want to skip my workout.  The motivation for yourself to workout is a job in itself, so you don’t need to be added angst to combat.

Some tips for finding the best headphones is researching the Internet.  If you type in jogging headphones into Yahoo Answers, you will find that you aren’t the only one with this question.  Read the questions, and all the replies as the issue voted best isn’t the only right answer.  Make a list of the suggestions and then either google search them or go over to Amazon and search for the particular headphones.  Read the reviews both good and bad, so you get the full perspective.

running headphones

I’ve done some searching myself and found some great suggestions.  If you prefer earbuds, like me, it’s suggested that you find ones that fit tight in your ears but are comfortable.  I liked what one response said regarding earbuds that I think should be pointed out.  Earbuds are perfect for getting the most sound, but they tend to block out the sounds around you.  If you are running in the city or a crowded and busy area, then you need to be aware that you might block out some important sounds like car horns, sirens (probably not entirely), peoples shouts, etc.  If that concerns you, then you can choose the over the ear style, but those tend to slip off if you don’t get ones made for activity and movement.

As in everything you purchase a little research will go a long way.  Just take some time to see what others are saying before you spend the money.  It’s the surest way to ensure you get the best jogging headphones for you!


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